The Annihilator! (you__biiiiiitch) wrote in thrash_masters,
The Annihilator!


im in need of a casa.

i need a place to stay in philly.

i have a ticket and its non refundable and i didnt pay money for nothing. and i want to get the fuck out of florida. i tryed getting a hold of my other friend who lives there but he is in Iraq right now. and all of the other people i know wont let me because mike will get mad at them and assume im trying to fuck his fat ugly friends.

i can cook(not very well) and clean.
i can be awesome at all times.
i also can sew your clothes or patches.
i can stud your shit.
and i can get you money by spanging. people always give me money because im really small and adorable when i have to be.
and i can play blackjack really good.
and i can cuddle with you if you get lonely at night.
and i can listen to you when your sad.
and you can beat the shit out of me if your mad and wanna let out anger.
oh and i give good backrubs, and foot rubs, and hand rubs.
and i can do your hair.
i can steal really good.
oh and i dont really talk alot, and im not annoying nor lame.

right now me and mike are going thru some dumb bullshit drama because hes a slut and he is right now thinking about if he wants me to stay with him or not, because he doesnt wanna feel 30 and married.
but i need a backup plan just in case for some odd reason he says no.
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